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Siutation: KG and I happened to be watching Celebration of Gospel that aired on BET last night. I missed the 1st hour of the show (womp), however the 2nd hour proved to be the topic of our Gchat last night...ENJOY! We will be back with a "normal" post this week!!

AB:   WTF is El Debarge doing now?   I can’t….   Ugh
8:50 PM KG: I don’t know. This whole program took a bad turn with the Kirk Franklin opening.
 AB: Well I missed that. Thank God
8:51 PM KG: Oh that nigga was dougie'n and pop lockin’.
 AB: Howard Hewitt… WTF.  I can’t. I’m done. Back to trash TV.
8:53 PM AB: El doesn’t have that “go to church” voice. Where is Tasia?
8:54 PM KG: Yeah El has just been pimped by BET since the awards. LOL
8:55 PM AB: LOL  LOL   It’s like he’s on contract and sh*t... LOL
 KG: hahaha I know. LOL
AB: Ohhh he has a show on BET.  Got it. That makes sense.
 KG: LOL Pimpin’.
 AB: LOL… WTF does Kirk have on? OMG!!!
 KG: LOL LOL LOL LOL…   Classic.
 AB: I can’t!!! He is the WB frog; just shucking and jiving.
 KG: He has country cuffs. I can’t.
9:01 PM AB: I’m done! Like Kirk hasn't done sh*t, and it’s getting more evident now  b/c he dresses like a coon.
9:02 PM KG: I’m still trying to figure out what he has added to this performance…maybe a random "C’mon!"
 AB: He’s done nothing but distract me from a great performance. Did Israel just play him?
 KG: WTF is he screaming
9:03 PM AB: I CAN’T!!!! Israel really just said "Kirk, why don’t you try to sing?" LOL LOL
 AB: LOL Hilarity! Finally, Mary Mary! Some good GOSPEL. LOL.  I heard the one in the skirt had a stank attitude.  I don’t know their real names.
 KG: She looks like she might
 AB: s/n: I want that jacket.
 KG: Which?
9:05 PM AB: The whole outfit really…the stank one’s.
 KG: OK--as long as u don’t get the weave, we’re good.
 AB: I want a weave though.
 KG: I'll pull it out.
 AB: Why?
9:06 PM KG: Ugh! Why would you do that to your life?
 AB: I’m sick of my hair. LOL  God I wish I could sing... WTF was that hair in the audience?
 KG: LOL There’s so much coonery in the audience.
9:07 PM AB: LOL… Can they just sing “Yesterday”? I mean, really?
9:08 PM KG: Um sorry, but no. LOL…   This is the ‘hip hop’ Celebration of Gospel.
 AB: Boo! I haven’t felt the spirit on any of those songs. Rance Allen is smooth. You can tell he still pulls old church freaks.  LOL
9:14 PM KG: He always has been. ahahaha
 AB: You know he does with that crisp white hair. The church ladies be making him plates of food. LOL
 KG: Oh, every Sunday he has a plate waiting. LOL
 AB: Look at how light he is on his feet. LOL… And he’s two stepping.
 KG: He’s so big...but he gets around the stage. LOL
9:16 PM AB: Rance Allen got a dunk! Who is the baldy on the left?
 KG: OK, sidebar: all these dudes have on wedding bands, but look hella gay.
AB: SHOCKER!!!! It’s the black church. I’m sure 42.3% of the men in black churches are gay,  but have to front b/c black religious people are crazy.
9:18 PM KG: LOL Is that an ascot or a tie?...LOL I can’t tell! LOL
 AB: An ascot I presume; however I feel some spirit in this song.
**Convo pauses for praise break**
9:21 PM AB: I’m adding this to the download list!
 KG: Yeah great song
9:23 PM AB: that was awesome!!! Bobby Jones equals GAY!
9:33 PM AB: Now they know there are Lane Bryant stores and shit.
  They could have found her a better dress than that tent! I can’t!
 KG: I can’t!!! hahahahah
9:34 PM AB: No..no..no That is inapprop! And it’s an electric blue tent!
 KG: She has room in her arms though. LOL
 AB: Are you going to see that at the UniverSOUL Circus?  Ringling Brothers don’t want that.
 KG: hahahaha
9:35 PM AB: I’m waiting for Kim Burell.
**5 minutes passes**
9:40 PM AB: There are a lot of fat women in Gospel. Why can’t I sing? I wouldn’t have to have a 9 to 5. Damn.
**11 minutes**
9:52 PM AB: Ok Whitney and Kim! Kim dressed nicely--no damn circus tent. WTF
 KG: hahaha Whitney’s stomach! LOL
 AB: Yea looks like she’s off that crack now;  she gained weight. LOL
 KG: Why wear that dress?
9:54 PM AB: She still thinks she's skinny. Spanx could have worked.
9:55 PM KG: LOL
9:56 PM AB: Dammit Bobby Jones! Really? I want to learn how to do the church two step.
 AB: That hair is a f*cking wreck.
 KG: LOL. And u want weave. LOL
9:57 PM AB: It’s so absurd that you over look the wings on her suit. Yo the backup singers have dunks.   Why can’t I sing? I could have a career in gospel. It’s all fat women and gay men. LOL
 KG: bwahahahaha LOL
9:58 PM AB: The church two step is the sh*t!!! I need that in my life. I’m going to a Pentecostal church on Sunday to study it.
 KG: You’re not going to anybody’s church. LOL
 AB: They all church two stepping. I am going to learn the two step. This g-chat should be a post. LOL
10:01 PM KG: Damn...we should have made it one.



By Request of Reader 'Andre' --- Here is Gospel Singer Kathy Taylor in the UniverSOUL Circus Tent!
A Tribute


Anonymous said...

I refuse to believe that this is a real convo...lmao

Carrie said...

Lol at AB wanting to learn the "church two step"...lol, but the Pentecostal church is a great place to start!!! You have to remember to act like you kicking dirt...channel slave dancing!!!

Andre said...

I need to see a pic of this lady in the electric blue UniverSOUL circus tent please!! I don't watch BET!!

A said...

@Anon -- Oh its real!!! lol

@Carrie -- Thanks for the tips! To learn the church two step is a real desire of mine! lol lol But what is slave dancing???

@Andre -- the post has been updated to include a pic for you! lol

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