Trying to Crack that Cell Password?!

Has the dreaded password protected cell phone issue come up in your relationship yet? Is your partner suspicious of your locked phone? Let’s get into it!
Don't get busted trying to crack the code!

She Says:
Be prepared for a rather short post from me.  As we all know, I am a single girl loving life right now; so I have to write this as a hypothetical:
If my future boyfriend should ask me for my iPhone password, or request that I take my iPhone password off, my answer would be a simple – HELL NO!! Let me correct that: my answer would be F*CK NO!
My iPhone is like my brain – for me, it houses much more than text messages, Facebook, and the glorious Twitter. Forgive me as I defer to the third person to clarify through the following statement: A’s iPhone = A’s life. My iPhone password is just as precious to me as my Social Security number. There is no way that I would I would share it with anyone. And I for damn sure am not removing my password lock in order to ease a man’s insecurities or trust issues, leaving my personal banking and other private information unprotected. No ma’am no girl.
My future boyfriend asking for my iPhone password is the equivalent of my going into his wallet, taking out his debit card and asking for his pin number. That would be quite redonkulous, don’t ya think?!
He Says:
The cell phone happens to be the greatest invention of modern times.  It’s a small device that can connect you to every aspect of your life in an instant.  For many of my ninja friends out there, it is the life line to jawns near and far.  But the cell phone can also be the source of destruction in your dealings with females—that is, if you don't properly protect yourself and your investments.  This is why I am an advocate for Homeland Security style defense on the cell phone at all times. 
Most of my female counterparts will say that a man with a lock on his phone has something to hide.  Well, let me tell you point blank---YOU DAMN RIGHT!  I know so many people that have gotten caught up in drama due to misconstrued information from a brief glimpse at a cell phone.
Unfortunately, humans are a nosey bunch.  We want to find out what is going on behind the metaphorical curtain, a.k.a. someone else’s cell phone screen.  In my younger days, I got caught up in many situations where my cell phone was compromised due to this type of curiosity.  I received many questionable emails, the content of which, I had no control over.  But being the trusting person I was, I didn’t think it was necessary to hide these things from any jawns I was dealing with by locking my phone.  At the end of the day though, these jawns were magically drawn to searching through it and trying to decipher everything that was happening in my life.  This is clearly partially my fault, for not deleting certain items upon receipt---but it ended up being a learning learned; I now know to always wrap up my cellular Trojan Magnum style. 
Clearly the technological minds behind mobile phones know this as well, as phones are so advanced now, that you can have some amazing locking devices.  You can lock your entire phone or lock just your app--even get alerts whenever someone tries to break into your phone!  Technology has been a blessing to all you ninjas out there still in the game.  So wrap your stuff up, don't share your password and cover all bases; this is the path to avoiding dumb arguments—make sure all your sh*t is on LOCK.  Men, we are not smart enough to come up with lies like women.  So make sure you are one step ahead of the game! Protect yourself!
Herman Cain approves this post!