The Magic Number: Part 1

"Question: Is a woman still "wifey material" if her number of sexual partners is very high?"

He Says:
This is a very interesting dilemma. Men are very fickle and want their ideal woman to have a minimal amount of “jawns”, but at the same time, be able to work tricks like Superhead.  It’s a complicated battle that men will not accept losing. If a woman is too sexually empowered or free she can easily be taken as a being a whore, a slut, loose, etc. Ladies, if we are looking for a relationship, we want to know that your middle sanctum has not been tampered with by a different dude every time you have gone out to the club. No dude I know is going to voluntarily even consider a relationship with a woman they know has been acting like Samantha from Sex in the City.
Sexual experience is a very sketchy topic for most people to discuss. Most people (and I am generalizing) are not going to be honest with their partner for fear that they are not going to be looked upon in the same way after the reveal. And to be honest, most men can’t handle any answer they’re going to receive from a woman on this topic anyway---so why should we even place ourselves in a position to lose a person we may have a connection with, over something as small as a number?  Sex has progressed since the 60s when it was possible to marry a woman who was still a virgin on her wedding day.
So the question is does it really matter how many men a woman has slept with? And my answer is that under most circumstances…not really! What has happened with a woman in her sexual past will not, in most cases, affect her ability to get “wifed” in the future. Personally, as long as I know that the woman is clean and free of disease; I really don’t care to know about her past bedroom activities because it won’t affect me one bit. Actually, chances are the bedroom action will be a little more exciting for me; which I won't complain about.
My solution is as follows--don’t take it as Gospel, but this is how I figure out the complication that comes with the amount of sexual partners your significant other has had: Keep it to yourself! Tell your partner that your past is your past, and you are living for the present. Don’t add the complication that comes with a number--that at the end of the day, doesn’t define you as an individual. Men, if your girl comes into the bedroom and blesses you with something you have never experienced before, don’t worry about where or how she learned it. Why does it even matter?  As long as she has not smashed the homie or become an unofficial Kappa sweetheart due to her gracious services, her history is exactly that---history!
She Says:
KG -- I think this is partially bullsh*t, most guys do indeed care. They told me so, lol!! However, check back tomorrow for my lovely thoughts!


Anonymous said...

Well! I agree with A! Men do care and it is Double STANDARD CITY! I personally don't want a dude who has stuck his pole in every hole in the city either but for some reason it is to be expected that dudes get down. So as long as we can take a trip to Patient First and leave with a clean bill of health then more than likely we will overlook the fact that you have a pretty large list of past jump-offs. Untwist our boxers and give us women the same courtesy PLEASE AND THANK YOU.
'tIS aLL,

K said...

Im not saying that they wouldnt care if they were to find out. My point is that it really shouldnt matter at the end of the day.

A said...

Yea it shouldn't but it does! However women are more accepting to accept and "cuff" a man who has dozens of bodies under his belt...IM WITH ICE DOUBLE STANDARD CITY!!!

DD said...

all im sayin is when i go to the mall..i dont wanna run into 10 ppl u done hit off

SMB said...

First off, "unofficial Kappa sweetheart due to her gracious services"<--BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

I agree with A, men do care (i mean c'mon! It's one of the first things they ask when they're interested in you...), and rightfully so. Most females who have a high body count have that count because of some issue that they have, such as self-confidence issues. There are legitimate reasons why a woman has a high body count, but for the most part, there isn't one. Furthermore, you don't need to have had a lot of sexual partners to be good in bed. Like anything else, practice makes perfect. You need only to have had a decent amount of sex in the past, which can be accomplished with 1 or 2 people. And if she's not doing something that you want her to do, make the suggestion. I know I would do what I could to make sure my man is fully satisfied.

A said...

@DD -- no one is saying you have to marry the town prostitue, but if she was discrete does it matter? Would you know?! Should you care?!

A said...

@SMB -- I need you to come back and check out the post tomorrow --- MY RESPONSE!! However I wholeheartedly agree with you, you do not need to up the body count in order to get your talent up! :)

MoGreg said...

Counting sexual partners is pointless bc this all relates back to how we are raised within our individual families and within society. Everyone knows boys and girls are taught very different sexual ideals. I distinctively remember my dad having a 'no boys allowed' policy and he was very strict about it. Because of this, as I grew up, my focus was on academics and extra circiular activities--but not boys. Now, the boys once they get in that wetdream phase, its like their dads are schooling them on how to reel in the hunnies and showing them how to use a condom. Something is wrong. Perhaps if young men weren't taught to start getting busy at 11, and the ladies weren't taught to hold out until marriage (approx 18-30), then there wouldnt be such a disparity in the numbers. **I know men with numbers 100+, by the way** This philosophy is as old as dirt: Men who have a lot of women/sex are Pimps, Women who have a lot of men/sex are Hoes. Period. And beacuse of this, no man will EVER be comfy with a woman's high sexual number, EVER--I don't care what they say about the past being the past. If a woman has more than 5-10 sexual partners in her life time (no matter how realistic or unrealistic these numbers may seem) she will be classified as a whore, and she will not be wifed, she will be f**ked. So to my single ladies who like to have a good time, take your number to the grave(which means dont ask his either) or lie. Besides, if a woman asks a man his number, and its extreme, wtf she gone do? roll out on his ass?? Doubtful--not with there being a scarse number of young, straight, single, educated black men to begin with...

A said...

@MoGreg -- TABERNACLE!!!!

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