The Magic Number: Part 2

"Question: Is a woman still "wifey material" if her number of sexual partners is very high?"

She Say:
Over and over again, women hear the old wise tale that states: "Men want a freak in the sheets and a lady in the street." Men want women who can channel their inner Pinky in the bedroom but also be their very own Michelle Obama in public. Fellas -- that might not be as hard as you think. If you remember from my last post, all of my friends have degrees and they give head, so it is possible, lol. But I digress! The problem arises when guys inquire—or happen to find out—about how many bodies a girl has under her belt that helped her to obtain her Cherokee-like bedroom skills.
Once again I broke out my researcher’s hat and conducted a quick poll with a few guys in my iPhone contact list. The first question asked was, “Would you marry a girl who had 70+ sexual partners? She is 28 and started having sex at 16. Yes or No.” Out of ten (10) responses only one (1) man said “probably yes.” His rationale was that “You can’t judge a person; especially when it’s your soul mate.” The other nine (9) responses were various funny ways of saying no, but here is my favorite response:  “It’s all about the averages…I dunno about this one…that’s about six (6) dudes a year. I wouldn’t say she’s a hoe; she probably just makes hoe type decisions…couldn’t do it.” It matters so much to guys that they use mathematics to calculate female penis intake averages...GTFOHWTBS!!!
So to balance it out, I asked the same sample of women from the previous post “Would a guy’s number of sexual partners matter to you?” I received only two “yes” responses. Yup, just two.  However the “no” responses--and even one of the “yes” responses--dug deeper and said they didn’t need a number; just a clean STD test. My friends are the ish. I F*CKING REPEAT: MY FRIENDS ARE THE ISH (and single)! **coughs**
Personally, I would never ask a grown man what his “number” is, because I know for a fact it would be higher than mine, and what purpose would that serve? Would I think, “Well, now I can rest easy at night knowing that you have smashed 25, 30, 50, 70, or 100+ girls before me”? And honestly, who are we kidding? The “number” conversation is never a good one for ladies, because men have this preconceived notion of what an appropriate number of bodies (for a woman who is wifey material) should be.  I have probably slept with a guy who has had sex with over 50 women, but does that bother me? No. I just hope he protected himself during his many escapades!!!
My last question for my sample of guys was, “When was your last STD/AIDS test?” Only four (4) out of ten (10) guys stated a date within the last six months…FOUR OUT OF TEN…but they wouldn’t marry the girl with 70+?! o_O *major sideeye* I mean honestly, you are not Magic Johnson; wifey, boo, or whoever isn't gonna stick around with a positive test, lol...but seriously, go get tested and stop worrying about her "number."

He Say:
A, homey I hate to break it to you, but 70 people by 28 is incomprehensible for anyone other than Mr. Marcus or Roxy Reynolds. She has no chance in hell if she reveals that number!


She Say:
I rest my case!!



Anonymous said...

this is fire! bottom line is men do care and they will shut it down when they think u are a H*#. Mean while its ok for men to have 78 partners.

A said...

Thanks Anon!!!!

Marlon said...

ahaha let me find out we bloggin' now!!! In this case, I'd say I couldn't do it, knowing that number, but I also believe that should apply for men as well...She Say mentioned "Cherokee-like" skills in the bedroom, but that is a deeper discussion all together. Many notions of sexual prowess and performance are based on a novelty that's not reality at all - pornography. Even when you, as an intelligent creature of nature, know that these performers are PAID to create a fictional account of and x-rated episode, somehow we've been inclined to make those sex scenes our wide perspective on relationships, sex, and physical pleasure/desire. Having regular STD checks is awesome, but discipline and self-control have to be present in order to make sensible, rational decisions about dating the opposite sex. I lost my virginity when I was 15, yet that doesn't mean I should have "sexual dominate" tendencies by the time I'm 28 either. Control yourself and stop trying to be the next Lex Steele. Is not worht it!!! ahaha

A said...

Marlon -- your comment has given me life!!!!!! Like yes! Very poignant points!!!

Anonymous said...

A -- Share you demo for the did with the women in your last post!

SMB said...

This post gave me life!!! I'm with the minority of women who care about a dude's body count. Yea, I expect guys to have a higher count than me...but 50+?!? Ionno 'bout all that lol.

A said...

Demographics for the Men used in the sample

Ages 24-30
All Black Men
One Married
Four in known committed relationships
Two have a child
All have high school diplomas
All have some college
Six have Bachelor's Degrees
One has an Advanced Degree
All are known to be straight
All are attractive

Out of the 10 I would recommend all them to be in relationships, well the single ones. Once you remove those in relationships, those who have smashed the homies, and those who are brothers to me, that would leave me with three to choose from.

I hope this enough

A said...

@SMB -- You are becoming a blog regular...Thanks and WELCOME!!! Glad you loved the post. Well if you use the same rational as the men, and do a male vagina partaking ratio then it could be quite possible for a gut to have smashed 50 women within the that time frame.

Think about the qualities listed above for the demo, a good list of guys well at least on paper, but I will vouch for them...they have their pick of the draw...Mediocore men can bag Michelle Obama's in the current situation. (I will not go further in my explanation b/c this could be a post) lol

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