What Your iTunes Says About You?

We wanted to make the next Music Week post a little more introspective, so KG and I dove deep into our iTunes libraries to determine what our top five most played songs are. Let’s see what we have here…

She Says:
This was an eye opening experience. I was somewhat curious to see what, out of the thousands of songs in my iTunes library, I really play the most. Here are my top five most played songs (number of plays included):

Golden by Jill Scott – 111 plays
Crown Royal by Jill Scott – 106 plays
I Nominate You by Fantasia – 102 plays
Lay in My Bed by Mario – 101 plays

Incredible God, Incredible Praise by Youthful Praise – 95 plays

This made me laugh aloud in my training class--and if you know me, you know how infectious and loud my laughs are! These five songs shocked me. One could infer from the list that I am a happy, God-loving nymph. I looked further into my ‘Most Played’ playlist to see if the trend continued…and it did. *chuckles* Most of my top played songs are about Jesus, sex, and the search for love and happiness. I am ok with this. I mean, God and Sex both do the same for your life – they make you happy, relieve stress from your life, and bring you closer to something! We all could use a little more Jesus, sex, and happiness in our lives right?! Sometimes your spirit might need to hear a little “Baby I ain’t into satisfying nobody but you, touching on nobody but you…” immediately followed by “I've had some problems, some great and some small. You being God, delivered me from them all…” It really does wonders for your soul!!! :)


He Says:
I’m going to take a bit of a different approach on my top 5 than A did with hers. Looking over these I realized that I am one random a$$ mutha. I never really knew what songs I was drawn to except for the first one; and that’s because I listen to it every day. Well, instead of boring you all with my rambling, here is my list:

1. Get By Remix by Talib Kweli and other dope MCs - I listen to this song every single morning after waking up. The old school Kanye production is so raw (in my Chicago accent)! But more than that, it’s such an introspective and honest hip hop song that it really inspires me. I start my day amped because I know that through every battle, vice, and sin---I’m going to make it through.
2. Crown Royal by Jill Scott - This is one of the more simplistic Jilly songs, but it’s so smooth that you can literally put some Crown Royal (Special Reserve of course) on ice and just lay back, chill and become one with the song.
3. Chasing After You by Bishop Paul S. Morton - The words to this song describe my ideal relationship with God: continuing to build a better relationship with Him or Her and doing whatever you have to do to make that happen. Plus the band takes me to Church in this one!
4. Everything In Its Right Place by Radiohead: Though debatably weird, this is a great song that I continually catch myself listening to and just zoning out in thought. It’s probably my favorite Radiohead song by far.
5. Summer Madness by Kool and the Gang: This instrumental track by the Funk masters had no need for words and is a perfect song to appreciate just for the production.

I am not able to find a unique connection or overall theme in my list of songs—especially not one between sex, God, love, and religion like my talented counterpart discovered in hers. But what I can say is that there is some form of peace that comes from all music. Whether mentally, spiritually, or sexually---all music has the ability to transport you.



Carrie said...

What are the odds that both of y'all would have the same #2 song!!! Lol A -- your sex, love, god correlation is pretty funny!!

Leek said...

I don't have iTunes, therefore my life means nothing! Damn you Steve Jobs!!! I still have this bullshit ass Zune!!

SMB said...

This post made me smile :)

"We all could use a little more Jesus, sex, and happiness in our lives right?!"<--word to biggie!

"...there is some form of peace that comes from all music. Whether mentally, spiritually, or sexually---all music has the ability to transport you."<--so friggin' real!

Ebony said...

So after reading this, I was intrigued to see my Top 5 most played tracks. I'm TOO embarrassed to share explicit details (LOL), but I will say I can contribute to the Love, Sex and God pattern.

Good Topic!

Nic said...

This is great! Like I my list was all Ghetto get em crunk songs!!!!!I feel ashamed!

K said...

Lol its crazy to realize what songs we actually listen to constantly. I'm so glad that this was a top 5 list...because number 7 on my list was "Slob on my Knob"...rather shameful lol

A said...

WOW KG...not Slob on my Knob! Inapprop! lol lol

Yea I mean what else can make you happy besides your Lord, sex, and good music! :)

Anonymous said...

Lol @ Slob on my Knob KG!! Quality Lyrics and message!!!!! Lol I figured after her declaration of head post AB would appreciate it!!!

Anonymous said...

hmmm... A I think you hit something with the Love, God, Sex pattern! lol soooooo true!

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