Way to Disappoint: Grammy Edition

The culminating post of Music Week at Friends Don’t Let Friends was intended to be a witty, funny, and generally awesome recap of the 53rdAnnual Grammy Awards. However, this year’s Grammys was the biggest let down of 2011 thus far! Wait--that might not be true: the season premiere of The Game actually gets that award! Anyhow, at the last second this post had to be revamped given the blandness of the awards. Here you guys go, don’t blame us…

She Says:
The Recording Academy really ruined our blog post for you guys. How bad was that last night?!…I really had no idea who half of the winners were (shout out to KG for keeping in the loop, lol)!

Things I Liked:
1.  Rihanna – I love everything about her! Her hair, nails, style, etc…She looked hot! Who cares if she can’t sing!?
2.  Cee-Lo’s Performance – From the Muppets, to his outfit and Gwyneth Paltrow singing…what was not to love? The only thing that could have made it better would have been if he had dropped the f-bomb just once!
3.  Aretha’s Tribute – They did ReRe right. Christina made up for her Superbowl fiasco! The only bad things about the performance were Florence being in it at all and J-Hud’s hair!
5.  Raphael Saadiq – Did you not love him popping out of nowhere and playing the guitar during Mick Jagger’s set?!
Things I Loathed:
1.  The Beyonce Spotting – I did not see her on the red carpet. She didn’t present an award. She was nominated for that crappy song Halo again. But when the camera guys casually showed her in an audience pan, it broke my heart! It means my Beyonce vacation is over – LET THE OVEREXPOSURE BEGIN! *weeps*
2.   Sade – Can someone explain to me how Sade is a duo/group?!
3.   Usher – It is truly sad to watch the demise of Usher’s performance ability. Does he sing anymore while he performs? @cthagood said it best last night on twitter: “If somebody catches Usher’s breath before he does, please return it to him in his dressing room.”
4.   Fantasia Losing Best R&B Album – That was one of my fav albums of the year! I’m sad about this…
5.   Lady Gaga – I personally like the whole egg thing from a Marketing/PR point of view. However, I expected more from her hatching after her long incubation period. There was no slime, no blood…there was nothing! Womp!

He Says:
Really???  The Grammys is the most funded and viewed music awards show in existence, and they produced a show that was more on par with the 2000 Source Awards.  I was so hyped and ready to talk about how great they were, but what they presented was a complete FAIL.  In the spirit of fairness, I will try and find some good points to go along with my crushing points of criticism. 
Things I liked:

1.   Bruno Mars/B.O.B/Janelle Monae - This performance was the brightest spot of the night.  It’s great to see how much talent Bruno has when he’s not coked up.  Janelle killed it even though she did not walk a tightrope across the stage. 
2.   Muse – What a great change of pace from the country music boredom that was taking hold of the show! 
3.   Rihanna and Kim K - They’re not the most talented, but Dayum!  Rihanna made what could have looked dumb look absolutely wonderful on the red carpet.  And Kim K….well she’s Kim K.
4.   Realizing How Much I Know About Music - During my digital threesome with AB and AshBoogie (who are both musically knowledgeable), I realized that I have listened to a ridiculous amount of music that most people have never even heard of.  I sometimes feel like a weirdo. LOL.   
5.   Esperanza Spalding - If you don’t know, learn to appreciate quickly.  Bring on the Neo-Jazz revolution. 

Things I Loathed:

1.   THE ROOTS WERE ROBBEDHow I Got Over was one of the best Hip Hop albums of the past 5 years.  Just because Eminem had 2 radio hits doesn’t mean he needed to win!  Popularity votes kill me.
2.   Somebody Smack Beiber - If I hear “Baby, Baby, Baby” one more time, I’m flying to Canada and putting a muzzle in his mouth.  You can’t sing lil boy!
3.   Bob Dylan’s Voice Gone to Hell - Bob Dylan, you are a musical and lyrical genius.  But if you sound like a 70 year old lifetime smoker, you might not want to get up and sing on a national stage.  I’m just saying.
4.   Florence Welch - The Aretha tribute was great, but I have no clue who listened to the Florence + The Machine album and thought this chick could do the Queen of Soul any justice.  They might as well have put Justin Beiber’s a$$ up there (Yes, I’m still hating on this little boy).
5.   Stupid Grammy Rules - Due to the cutoff date, we have to wait a whole 365 more days to see Yeezy take over the Grammys because My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy didn’t drop until the end of November.  If ‘Ye doesn’t win over 5 Grammys next year, I will be back with another frustration filled recap of the show!


SMB said...

Let down is an understatement of what that was.

What I will say is that I really liked that Esperanza Spalding won. The fro, the cello, that voice...I heart her! She reminds me of Alicia circa Songs in A Minor...just raw talent. I'm also glad that a genre that doesn't get much play is finally in the spotlight.

Carrie said...

A -- I heart you so! Please don't tell me you are a Beyonce hater! Please say it isnt so!

A said...

Carrie -- I am not a Beyonce hater! I just think she is so overexposed! I respect what she does, but she is not my favorite. I am not a stan for Beyonce!

Ashlee said...

lol @ Lady Gaga not having any slime or blood hahaha

I absolutely loved Cee lo's performance...I felt like I was in Atlanta listening to him in concert and when Gwyneth came out, it was like all of a sudden I was watching Glee...and enjoying it lol

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